Warm And Cosy Neck Scarf

For cold season, wrapping up will be unavoidable. And when it is time to wrap up, the warm and cosy neck scarf stands out. You will also find a turtle neck jumper or a polo outfit equally important.

Since a neck scarf is more than just a fashion statement, let us first take a look at the major health benefits of the neck scarf.

Warm and Cosy

A neck scarf though a simple thing makes us feel nice and helps maintain warmth around the neck region. This feel good factor promotes a healthy and comfortable mind that translates to overall body health.

Neck Pain and Stiffness

A lot of us are susceptible to neck pain and stiffness. If you work at a computer or laptop, you understand this very well. The other major benefit of wearing a neck scarf is to reduce neck pain and other issues such as stiffness. The warmth from the scarf promotes relaxation and efficient blood circulation.

Additionally, in case your neck is very stiff, adding a heated pad below the scarf will really help. It is important to remember that heat should only be applied for muscle aches and relaxation, not for injuries in the early stages. If the neck pain problem persists, kindly see your doctor. Changing your pillow may also help.

Similarly, if a person is suffering from arthirits, CFS and fibromyalgia, the change of season will likely lead to more pain and discomfort. We strongly recommend you give a neck scarf a try. Again, if the pain persists, please talk with your practitioner.

May Increase Your immunity

Why are young children encouraged to wear a scarf before going outdoors? It is also common for singers to wear scarves. It is suggested that wearing a scarf improves immunity because of the extra warmth added around the neck region. In Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, there are references to the neck region playing a central role in the immune system. It therefore makes sense to protect this vital part of the body.

Changes in Temperature

Quick changes in temperature, hot to cold, or vice versa can pose health risks especially to young children and the elderly. The sudden heat loss occasioned by change from hot to cold temperatures can lead to much heat loss. Again, most of the heat is lost through the upper regions of the body hence it is only logical to wear a scarf and a hat.

Next let us look at some of the cool ways of wearing a scarf:

The New Shrug

This is when you wrap the scarf around the shoulders. If the origami knotting gets you in a pickle, simply drape the scarf around the shoulder and tuck it in at the back using a pin.

The One Shoulder

Drape it over your coat lapels during the day and over one shoulder during the evening for a glamorous laissez-faire look.

The Belt Tuck

Would you like to try out a bohemian approach to scarfing? If yes, try the belt tuck. Simply tuck long strands of silk into a narrow belted, flowing outfit and you will notice the difference.

The Drape

This is where you wind a long scarf around your neck and leave it trailing down your back for a romantic winter look.

The Jaunty Silk Knot

This can be a great way to lift the plain jumpers or tees and give the eyes the desired break from the heavy knits most of us are used to.

The What-Scarf-Around-My-Neck

The scarf will be akin to the rocker’s choice of a neck tie. For best results, pair it with a leather jacket and make sure it borders on the edge of looking raggedy.

Lastly, here are some of the best ways to tie a scarf:

1. The French Knot
2. Knotted Necklace
3. The Necklace
4. The Double Sided Twist
5. Scarf Wrap
6. Cozy Neck Wrap
7. Neck Wrap
8. Knotted Shawl.
9. Classic Loop
10. Braided
11. Rolled Loop
12. Double Loop
13. Classic Pull Through

These are the cool ways to tie a scarf.

Parting Shot

A neck scarf is an important part of your outfit especially when the seasons are changing. We have already listed some of the top benefits of a neck scarf above. We did not stop there, we went on to give some of the cool ways to wear a neck scarf before finishing it off with the best ways to tie a neck scarf. It is our hope that you learnt something useful today.

If you have not stocked your wardrobe with warm and cosy neck scarf, there is no better time to do it than today. Call us or visit Thai Silk and Scarf for your wardrobe enhancement and added accessories.