By Renoo Caruso

Have you ever noticed how much lighter you travel in summer than in winter?  And I’m not just talking about packing for a vacation where the difference is suitcases stuffed with tiny bikinis versus suitcases crammed with big bulky sweaters.  I’m actually referring to handbags and all the extra stuff we seem to require during the winter months; the kinds of things we carry with us every day, everywhere we go.

As soon as we head into fall, it’s time to start reevaluating your handbags and possibly changing them out for a new winter version. Clothing colors typically change seasonally about that time, so you will want to change your handbags accordingly.  Likewise, the styles generally change about this time.

Chances are white and light pink handbags aren’t going to look very appropriate with the darker colors of autumn and winter.  You’ll want to opt for fashionable new colors or classics like shades of taupe, brown, or black to go with both fashion and season changes.  You will probably also want to go at least one size up with your new handbags for the upcoming winter months.

During the winter, there are many accessories we are more apt to carry along-just in case-than in the summer months.  You can to keep those accessories handy and easily accessible-and what better way than to toss them into your handbags and bring them along?  And since big, bulky bags are all the rage these days, there’s no reason you can’t carry everything you might need with you.

Consider adding these items to your handbags during the winter months: tissues (for you and the people you usually shuffle to and from soccer practice, etc.), hand lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunglasses (for bright snowy days), a scarf, a pair of gloves, a hat (you never know when you might need to walk for a distance in the cold), mittens for your children (in case they lose one of theirs), facial cream, cold tablets or medicines, cough drops or throat lozenges. This is just a starter list, and chances are you’ll soon find other things that are beneficial to include in your handbags, as well.

Obviously, big roomy handbags can be incredibly practical in the winter.  They’re also a great fashion choice.  Women everywhere are carrying handbags that accessorize the outfit they’re wearing.

Many women also ensure that their handbag coordinates with their coat and gloves.  That’s why winter handbags are notably more numerous in neutral color selections like black and tan.  Winter coats are typically in these colors, as well.

If you do have a more trendy winter coat color, however-like plum, red, or an animal print-you can select from handbags that will offset the look really nicely.  Black handbags are a classic and make a striking visual contrast with more vivid colored coats.  Black also complements animal prints perfectly from leopard to tiger.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find handbags for winter in other exciting colors and prints, however! Big, roomy handbags in canvas styles come in lots of different patterns and colors this season—from bright turquoise swirls to polka dot bags that pack a punch and are definitely showcasing pizzazz. Whatever your style, you can find a handbag that will be both practical and stylish for every outfit you own!

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