Orange Plaid Scarves

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  • 175cm Long x 70cm Wide
  • 68 inches Long x 27 inches Wide
  • Very Soft against your skin
  • Beautiful Range of Colours

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Orange Plaid Scarves

These unique open weave style Orange Plaid Scarves, look great draped loosely around your neck and can also make an ideal headband.

175cm long x 70cm wide

There are many uses and styles from one of these beautiful Orange Plaid Scarves. It is perfect for summer cover-ups, and an ideal and cosy warm shawl in winter.

An Orange Plaid Scarf will keep you cosy in an effortless style all year round and will be a talking point every time you wear!

Silver Scarves Delivered Directly To Your Home

Australia: – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide
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Open stitch Orange Plaid Scarves from are the ideal accoutrement for a mature and worldly woman who wants her wardrobe to accurately reflect her position in life. They are supple and cozy, elegant without being stuffy and authentic yet modern.

Our silver scarves allow Australian women to have the majesty of Thai silk delivered straight to their door in ten days or less, because after all, every woman is a queen of her own domain and should be dressed accordingly.

The best part about open stitch Orange Plaid Scarf is that there is no limit to their functionality. With a little bit of practice, you can tie one in a multitude of different knots in order to accentuate the various parts of your body or personality.

You can wrap it around yourself in a ‘double loop’ or ‘muffler II’ knot to add a little bit of flair to a sweater or make it into a ‘knotted’ scarf to let it bounce with your step. Our orange scarves are great because they can either be conservative or edgy, tying it in a ‘layered’ knot and slipping it into a leather jacket for an urban look.

They will also keep you warm during the winter months by simply wrapping it around your shoulders showing off their pellucid quality.

The open Orange Plaid Scarves have traditionally fetched very high prices. But now, is offering you an amazing way to add a worldly twist to spice up your wardrobe without having to break the bank.

By ordering directly from this reliable wholesaler in northern Thailand, you are able to get Orange Plaid Scarves, or any other color that tickles your fancy, at prices hitherto unseen.

And with the price of shipping the same for one or four scarves, why not get a scarf for each member of your family?


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