Nepalese Black Scarf

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  • 200cm (79 inches) Long x 70cm (27 inches) Wide
  • Very Soft against your skin
  • Beautiful Range of Colours

Delivered to your door FREE in under 14 working days – Direct from Kathmandu Nepal.

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silk scarf online shopNepalese Black Scarf

Traditional Nepali Black Silk Scarves

This traditional Nepalese Black Scarf is a beautiful and versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be worn in a number of ways.

With rich colour and the natural sheen of silk, this traditional Nepalese black scarf will give you a bright, glamorous look for any occasion.

Have a beautiful new traditional Nepalese black silk scarf delivered to your door – your friends will not believe you when you tell them the price you paid!

Delivered to your door FREE in under 14 working days – Direct from Kathmandu Nepal.


Buy a black Nepalese scarf online

Silk has been known as the ‘queen of fabrics’ and relentlessly sought after since the days of Marco Polo because of its magisterial elegance.

Now is making products like a traditional Nepalese black silk scarf available to you with just a click of your mouse.

This is a great opportunity to add a little extra cosmopolitan flair to any of your favorite ensembles.

The richness of Nepalese silk is what stands out first; however, it is a scarf’s comprehensive versatility that makes Nepalese black scarves an essential part of any worldly wardrobe.

You can cover your body with it protecting yourself from the harsh winter elements while you run errands just like generations of people have done up on the high Himalayan mountains.

Or, you can tie it into the classic European ‘muffler’ knot to fashionably cover your neck against an autumnal wind or tucked into a warm jacket with an easy ‘slip’ knot.

The midnight shade of a Nepalese black silk scarf makes it an ideal way to accent your formal dress on the way to a party, perhaps with a ‘fancy braid’ knot of ‘twisty scarf loop’.

Honestly, regardless of how you wear it the sheer lissome quality of the fabric will have you feeling like a one-woman fashion show with friends and passers-by alike asking you where did you get that scarf?

Take advantage of the world literally being at your fingertips and order a supple Nepalese black silk scarf directly from a reliable family wholesaler. Its slightly larger size, 200cm long by 70cm wide, means that you can completely bundle yourself up in this zenith of fashion and comfort.

Think of it, you can be snuggly wrapped in the luxurious softness of a deep black Nepalese silk scarf in fourteen days or less. What are you waiting for?


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