Patterned Light Brown Pashmina

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  • 178cm Long x 70cm Wide
  • 70 inches Long x 27 inches Wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Patterned Light Brown Pashmina Wrap

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Patterned Brown Pashmina

This light and soft patterned light brown pashmina, look great draped loosely around your neck or body, and gives you endless looks and styles.

The light brown pashmina is light and breathable, and is a sensational addition to your wardrobe, giving you relaxed look any time of year.

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Did you know that the word ‘pashmina’ literally translates to “soft gold” in Kashmiri? People have hunted high and low for pashmina scarves like the light brown floral patterned pashmina that is offering since the days of Marco Polo.

But you can avoid the hassles of a long journey, middlemen and sweaty markets by ordering directly from us with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Think of it, you can be snuggly wrapped in the luxurious softness of a light brown pashmina scarf in ten days or less. What are you waiting for?

The sheer versatility of these brown pashmina scarves makes it the perfect way to inject some international vibrancy into your everyday wardrobe. You can simply drape it over yourself on a brisk evening out with your husband to show off the intricate floral design that will entice passers-by to ask where did you get that scarf?

And just imagine the covetousness in their hearts when you tell them northern Thailand. But there are so many other ways to wear a light brown pashmina scarf; you can wrap it around you in an ‘infinity loop’ or ‘row’ knot or just let it hang over your shoulders as a ‘belted scarf’. is a reliable family wholesaler that deals with authentic hypoallergenic Thai silk and pashmina that is light and breathable making it a sensational way to make any wardrobe a little worldlier.

And with the price of shipping the same for one or four scarves, why not get a floral patterned light brown pashmina scarf for your self and another one for each member of your family, we have a vast array of colors to suit any type of personality.

Bring a piece of traditional majesty of Thailand to your home with the click of a button.


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