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buy blue pashminaThai silk has long been considered the ‘queen of fabrics’ because of its unparalleled suppleness and colorful luster.

Correspondingly, Thai silk scarves have traditionally fetched very high prices. But now, is offering you an amazing way to add a worldly twist to spice up your wardrobe without having to break the bank.

By ordering directly from our reliable family scarf wholesaler in northern Thailand, you are able to get Thai silk scarves at prices hitherto unseen.

And the best part is, they will get delivered to your door anywhere in Australia in ten days or less. How easy is that?

The comfort of a Thai silk scarf is nearly impossible to describe- it really must be felt.

Draping one around your shoulders to protect yourself from the sun at the beach as the lissome fabric gently wafts in the ocean breeze is a sensation that has no price.

However, it is the utter versatility of a Thai silk scarf that makes it invaluable. Depending on the color, a Thai scarf can be a striking accouterment to any ensemble.

You could wrap a verdant green one around your torso in an ‘infinity scarf twist’ knot to embolden a simple outfit of a white t-shirt and jeans.

Or perhaps you want to add a little regal elegance to an evening dress by tying a silver or gold scarf in a fancy ‘Carmen Miranda’ knot. Really, it doesn’t matter how you wear your new silk scarf, you will become the talk of the town.

So, why not celebrate the world literally being at your fingertips and purchase any one of our magisterial Thai silk scarves at bargain prices? has a comprehensive collection of colors and styles so you can choose anything that tickles you fancy. And with the price of shipping the same for one or four scarves, why not get one for the whole family?