“The long silk scarf is a sensational accessory for Spring, Summer or Autumn.”

Because a silk scarf is light-weight, breezy and colorful, the wearer can comfortably wear this beautiful fashion accessory during the hottest of days!

It only takes one silk scarf to transform the simplest outfit into something interesting and chic, as Freida Pinto from “Slumdog Millionaire” was able to demonstrate in the closing dance scene of the movie. She wore jeans and a simple white t-shirt with a long scarf and looked absolutely gorgeous and supremely stylish!

“Also don’t forget that a silk scarf can also be used as a neck scarf, bandana or even as a belt.

Folding the long oblong silk scarf in half and positioning it around your neck with the two ends on one side and the fold of scarf on your other side.

You can take the two ends and slip through the fold of the silk scarf. By pulling on the two ends you can tighten the silk scarf as you like around your neck.”

You will definitely attract attention with this sensational new look. The great part is you don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous.

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