While many women love shawls, especially those wonderfully designed silk shawls, they often find themselves only wearing them when the occasion calls for an evening gown. This is a pity as there are so many different ways to wear shawls that a woman can find lots of occasions to wear one. Here are just a few ideas.

Important Business Meeting
While business attire almost requires women to wear a more or less plain suit in order to look professional, they also expect women to look like a woman. One way of accomplishing that is by adding a colorful accessory to your suit. You could choose a nice necklace or even a scarf or you could choose to wear one of beautiful hand painted silk shawls available today. You can create your own stunning business look by placing the center of the shawl over one shoulder and draping the ends over the other shoulder. A simple pin will hold the shawl in place and leave you looking both elegant and business like.

Walk along the beach
We all enjoy walking along the beach on a summer’s day or evening and believe it or not shawls can be the perfect accompaniment to those sundresses you love for casual wear. While you might not want to go as fancy as one of those handmade cashmere or silk shawls, cotton shawls are perfect for this kind of casual wear.

Back yard BBQ
Back yard BBQs often start out when the day or evening is warm and end when the things are cooling off a bit. For those occasions when you need a little something to cover those bare arms but you don’t want to wear a sweater, shawls are the prefect choice. It keeps the goose bumps off your arms without overheating the rest of your body and making it possible to enjoy this get together with friends.

Business Party
Office parties and other business occasions often call for dressing up without going all out. When you want to look your best for these types of occasions your ordinary work or every day coat or jacket, just doesn’t provide the right festive touch. One of the beautiful silk shawls that are manufactured today can provide just the dressy look you want without going overboard.

A wedding
Weddings are wonderful dressy and festive occasions to attend but many times the church especially in winter time is a little too chilly to be comfortable in just that nice dress you have chosen for the occasion. It can be difficult to enjoy the ceremony when your teeth are chattering and you have goose bumps running up and down your arms. A shawl can blend in well with whatever outfit you have chosen and provide you warmth at the same time, so making it possible to focus on the ceremony instead of concentrating on clenching your teeth together.

Romantic Evening for Two
If there was ever an occasion to wear one of the many luxurious silk shawls on the market today, a romantic dinner with the love of your life is the perfect one. Whether you are wearing an exquisitely designed evening gown or a simple little black dress, your shawl can make you look and feel absolutely beautiful.

Shawls can provide warmth and decoration to any outfit, so don’t wait for a special occasion to wear yours.

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