My most favorite season is Spring, its not too cold and not too hot. When I think about spring time, I can see colour, brighness and life. It just nice to see everything aroud you alive and cheerful.

The other thing I love about spring is clothing and accessories. It is time to put winter clothes away and get something lighter and brighter to wear. This time you can see a lot of new clothes and accesories in the shops. 

What I love about Thai scarves is they are light-weight, breezy and colourful, therefore they are perfect for Spring accessories. They are one of the best accessories of all time and in every season, like a saying ” Diamond is woman’s best friend”  that is so true but for me scarves are more affordable.

To catch up with a new trend, we have new ranges of scarves that suitable for spring and also for night functions.

Please check out Open stitch, Elegance and Triangle scarves on our website and September promotion.

Elegance scarves – Authentic style, see-through fablic and additional of sparkling glitter on the pattern line. They are perfect for night functions and formal occasions.

Triangle is same style as Elegance except they come in Triangle shape when Elegance come in long shape.