red pashmina

Renowned Beautiful And Confidence Booster Accessory

The renowned beautiful and pricey Pashmina fabric is sourced from Capra Hircus or Chyangra goat. You will only find these goats in the temperate regions of the Himalayas and central Asia more so in Mongolia. These goats are normally sheared during the Spring and weavers comes to collect them thereafter.

Wool and Fleece serve as the raw materials of Pashmina. They are handspun by careful and skilled weavers and eventually dyed with special environmental friendly dyes. The process of adding colour (dyeing) takes place quite fast bit the involved colours last much longer. So how do you tell you have got quality Pashmina? Well, it should feel soft and light in the hand.

Pashmina is highly sought after and its popularity world over has been credited with making women look stylish and fashionable as well as keeping the tradition alive. The art of making Pashmina has been around for a long time earning income for artisans in central Asia for generation after generation.

The Red Pashmina Scarf

Traditional Red Pashmina Scarf combines the qualities of soft cashmere and the lustrous silk. Hence, this scarf looks incredibly beautiful and colourful under the light; a gem that you would not hesitate to add in your wardrobe. It is just more than an ordinary scarf, but a must-have accessory for any lady.

Your friends will be envious if you get spotted donning this red scarf with any of your favourite outfits. It has the rare quality of brightening your look by spicing the other colours found on your outfit.

Pashmina, which actually means “soft gold” in Kashmiri has not been sought after for ages – even during the famous Marco Polo’s trade voyage – in vain. You can hardly describe the feeling you get once this scarf caresses your neck. We are attempting to ensure that this glamorous scarf is not just a reserve of the wealth but also the average by offering to deliver it on your doorstep within the window of 10 days after making the purchase.

Red Pashmina is a confidence booster with an ability to turn a normal workday into a fascinating day of a fashionista woman. The fact that Red Pashmina is highly versatile and can be tied in more than way, makes it a must-have scarf for anyone eager to make a statement.

You can decide to tie it in a “braid” note and keep it in your jacket to use it later in protecting yourself and your outfits from the insults of the autumn weather. You can also tie it and form an “Easter bunny” just to grab everyone’s eyes.

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