plaid scarf

Plaid Scarf – Classic Glamour Accessory To Improve Your Outfit

Scarves are great accessories when the weather is unpredictable. They also improve the outlook of an outfit. A plaid scarf has a pattern that is classic and can be found in different colours such as multi-toned blue, yellow, red, orange, purple, pink, or brown to allow for pairing with different outfits.

The choices are so much. Just make sure you are teaming it up well for a fashionable look.

• Travelling Scarves Or Office Wear Scarves

A plaid scarf is very versatile and an important travelling essential. You can wrap it around the neck, or extend it to wrap it around the shoulders according to the current weather.

Wearing a scarf to the office can be tricky, but you can still pair it with trousers or a matching official shirt to the scarf. A scarf worn to the office is mainly just an accessory and can be taken off any time and still remain with a complete look. A white scarf can create for you a black and white outfit. Adding heels to this outfit will complete the look.

A silky multi-toned blue plaid scarf can have you take a stance against the dull and monotonous winter wear. You can tuck a ‘slip’ knot into a heavy jacket’s front or use the classic ‘muffler’ knot by the Europeans to keep your neck covered from chilly winter nights and autumn winds.

You can add glamour to your winter clothing using a brown plaid scarf. It will bring a shiny highlight under a grocery store or ballroom lights even after you have made it into a slip knot and neatly tucked it into your jacket.

Orange plaid scarf come in many styles and use. You can wear it as summer cover-up or as a cosy shawl when its winter. An orange scarf will keep you comfortable effortlessly and will always make you stand-out whenever you wear it.

A red or pink plaid scarf rich with a natural sheen of silk will brighten and glamour your look for any occasion.

A soft, light and patterned plaid purple scarf draped loosely around your body or neck will make you look great. It also gives many different styles and looks with its breathing ability giving you a relaxed look all year round.

• Belt It On Your Outfit

Instead of draping your scarf to the front of a monotonous outfit, you can instead belt it around your waist to define your outfit and give it shape. A rectangular and larger scarf will complete this look better. Let it end right above the knee or mid-thigh to make the needed statement using its pattern or print.

• Casual Look

Light-weight materials that are bright summery or candy coloured make the best summer scarves. You can tie it around a messy hair bun like a turban.

• As A Detail

Everyone wants to stay comfortable and not to look too mundane during summer. You can spice up your jeans or basic lee outfits with a scarf that has fringes or tassels for an instant lift and texture.

• Wearing it with a blazer

Use a small scarf with dark shades to make your outfit subtle. The best scarves to pair with your summer blazers are silk scarves because they are available in many solid prints, patterns, and plaids, which make complete an outfit without much effort.

Some women love buoyancy in their wardrobe. A plaid silk scarf with a sparkling silver thread delicately running through it is the ultimate ticket.

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