Pink Pashmina

Classic Lustre of Silk Softness of Cashmere

No other scarf combines the classic lustre of silk and softness of cashmere like the Pink Pashmina Scarf. Adding this captivating scarf in your wardrobe would be a great thing to do. The beauty brought by its bright colour, and its luxurious soft and light texture is timeless.

The scarf looks perfect with almost every type of outfit. Its bright and luxurious colour brightens your look and spices the outfit to make you look incredibly attractive. Your eye-catching style will be subject to admiration and envy from friends and family alike.

The Quality of a Pink Pashmina

The lissome quality of a pink pashmina scarf as it wafts through a gentle breeze while gently resting around your neck is an unparalleled feeling that can deliver straight to your door in ten days or less, instantly upgrading the worldliness of your wardrobe.

The Pashmina scarf is sourced in northern Thailand from a wholesale family business. Dedicated to supplying nothing but the real and quality products, made from top quality genuine cashmere wool.

Two qualities make the pink pashmina scarf the best option for bringing life into your wardrobe. First, it is highly versatile i.e. it looks great with the variety of outfits in various styles. Second, there are immense ways of tying it to suit every fashionista’s styling tastes.

The harsh weather of the autumn and winter can be unsettling, but not when you have the Pink Pashmina scarf in your wardrobe. Just grab one and loop it on your neck in knots of your choice to stay warm and stylish. To prevent the weather from dampening the colours of your outfit, tie the Pink Pashmina scarf in a “braid” knot and tuck into your jacket.

Fashionable and Elegant

Perhaps you are looking to accentuate your more sultry side. Tying a ‘bunny ear’ or ‘celebrity’ knot will grab the attention of passers-by. Turning a normal day of errands into a one-woman fashion show. No matter how you wear it, the suppleness of a pink pashmina scarf is bound to make your day.

From the days of Marco Polo to today, people have kept hunting for the Pashmina scarf for a reason. Translating to “soft gold” in the Kashmiri language, Pashmina scarves come in all brilliant and beautiful colours, from cherub pinks to deep emerald greens.

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