Pashmina Scarf

Why is a Pashmina so special?

Pashmina scarf and shawl are not just the ‘then and now’ style but have been accepted as add-on to any woman’s wardrobe.

The cashmere pashmina adds new style to a wardrobe that brings life to a tired look. Considered as an ideal trend to complement a getup for any season, no member of the family is ever too young to enjoy the finest in luxury shrouds. The cashmere pashmina blanket can augment colour to any space at home and keeps a person warm as well.

A high quality pashmina helps a person protected through harsh or extreme weather condition. It is similar to having insulation in your body that shields you and at the same time feels comfortable wearing it.

Pashmina got its name from the finest traditional cashmere wool that is super soft, fine and warm. For comfortable and stylish accessories, keep a pashmina scarf or shawl in your wardrobe. It is also interesting to know that each pashmina can take up to three goats’ coats and must be woven and crafted by a skilled hand.

A pashmina scarf can be worn on an everyday occasion or even in a formal night out without its knit bulk. It provides great deal of warmth with elegance and beauty. A lot of people who own a pashmina can attest that as the time passes by, it becomes better looking with each use.

The cashmere pashmina preserves its material soft, silky feel and warmth if kept in good condition and properly maintained. A scarf or shawl made of pashmina can be matched with a formal dress or even with jeans. One may wrap around her neck, even tie it around her handbag’s handle to complement.

Pashmina makes a great gift for the holidays and other special events to your loved ones who will surely appreciate it. At the Thai Silk and Scarf website you can be assured to find only the genuine products from Thailand without the worries of imitation. Our site offers the best if not lower prices for a luxurious item such as pashmina.

Caring for the Pashmina

• Dissolve completely hair shampoo in a lukewarm water before soaking the pashmina scarf or shawl into it
• Wash it separately from other coloured items
• Avoid using bleach
• Twisting can ruin the shape of the item, hence squeeze gently to remove the excess water
• Keep the item away from direct sunlight but allow it to dry flat
• Compress with a moist cloth
• Colours may become a bit different but the pattern stays the same

Apprise A Genuine Pashmina

People have become victims of deception and unwillingly purchase fake cashmere and pashmina items. To test if the item is original, take an edge or border of threads left loose and light it. An authentic pashmina smells like singe hair, goat’s hair, and not like a burning plastic. In addition, in spite of being damaged by heat or fire the item remains as it was before.

Not A Cheap Merchandise

Vendors or sellers getting the real pashmina items on a much cheaper price are fortunate that they can sell these items on a lower cost. These expensive produce are meticulously processed and harvested once during a year.

Recognised By Touch And Sight

Genuine pashminas are extremely velvety smooth to touch. Yet they are matte that do not have any shine unless the material is mixed with silk. Label must carry a note mentioning the process used. A high grade pashmina comprises 70% made of cashmere.