With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it makes sense that you are nervous about finding the perfect gift for your man.  The truth is that shopping for men for romantic occasions can be somewhat difficult.  Unfortunately, there are not the staple gifts like flowers and jewelry for men the way there are for women.  Instead, you have to use a bit more creativity to show your special guy how much he means to you.  However, there is one classic man’s gift that is timeless and always appropriate – and that is neckties.

Neckties are something that has been given through the years to men.  They are a wonderful gift because they are not necessarily something that a man is going to purchase for himself, but they are always appreciated.  Though silk ties are not necessarily cheap they are very affordable.  You can generally find gorgeous neckties for as low as $30.  Of course their price point goes up depending on the fabric, designer and vendor, but there are always neckties that you can find within your gift giving budget.

Silk ties are a wonderful gift because there are always occasions to wear them.  Perhaps your special guy wears ties to work every day, or maybe he only needs one for a special occasion.  The truth is that if he has been given a tie that you have chosen he will feel great wearing it and feeling great is the first step to looking great.

When looking for neckties to give you will want to think about your special guy’s wardrobe.  What colors does he really likes.  What other pieces does he have in his wardrobe?  This information can help you select silk ties for him.  Once you know what colors he tends to like, you can select a tie that is in that color family. Or perhaps knowing what wardrobe pieces he has can serve as a guide for you to choose coordinating neckties.

Neckties can be found in a variety of different patterns.  When shopping for a gift, it is generally a good idea to choose a more classic and traditional pattern. Stripes are very classic in the design of silk ties making them an easy choice.  However, if your guy is a bit more of a fashion risk taker you may want to choose a more avant-garde pattern.  Today, floral patterns are actually becoming very popular choice in neckties for those who are willing to take a fashion risk.

You will also want to take a look at the width of the neckties that you are thinking about giving to your guy.  Through the years different widths have become more and less popular.  The good news is that today much of that choice is purely personal.  Skinny ties have become much more trendy these days and they are the perfect accessory to add to an outfit for a night on the town.  Often when choosing a skinny tie you are going to want to stick with a fairly solid tie.  Thicker ties are also popular today, but they tend to be more appropriate for daytime wear.  If your valentine tends to wear silk ties to work then you might want to find a wider one for him.

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