Shawls are a smart fashion accessory for cold weather and elegant attire.  While off-the-shoulder dresses and gowns are just as popular for winter weather as they are in the summer, wearing them in cold temperatures is not nearly so enjoyable!  But topping off sleeveless or strapless attire with silk shawls can add a little extra warmth and make the evening a bit more pleasant.

Ironically, many of the most celebrated holidays of the year are during the coldest parts of the year in many places, as well.  For instance, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are welcomed with frigid temperatures in many areas of the world.  And yet, these are some of the same occasions when we are most likely to get dressed up and go out of the town.

Similarly, many formal dances are held during cold times of the year.  High schools and colleges may have winter formals where girls want to look their best-and don’t necessarily want to throw a ski jacket over their formal dress to stay warm.  At this time in their lives, they usually value appearance a lot more than comfort, but shawls worn with formal dresses can provide both.

Valentine’s Day is another holiday that finds lovers out on the town and women dressed up for the occasion.  And it also falls in one of the coldest months of the year.  A shawl is a romantic accessory that provides both fashion and function during freezing February temperatures.

More and more brides are also opting for winter weddings.  It’s not uncommon to see weddings being held during frigid months and not just by flying off to a tropical climate.  Some brides are embracing the loveliness of a winter wonderland wedding.

In these cases, both the bride and her bridesmaids would be wise to incorporate beautiful silk shawls into their dress selections.  Just as the dresses themselves typically match or coordinate, shawls, too, can be selected to accessorize these dresses.  And they’ll help take the bite out of the cold when the big day arrives.

Shawls come in a variety of styles, colors, lengths, and fabrics.  Silk shawls are a classic choice, but today you can also purchase shawls constructed of different fibers-often the same fabric as a dress so it matches exactly.  Likewise, styles and lengths vary, some will have short or long fringe while others will have none, and some will be warmer than others.

In addition to being very practical, shawls are a lovely accent to formal woman’s attire.  As mentioned, shawls are a beautiful accessory-particularly when worn with off-the-shoulder styles.  Once indoors, the shawl can also be allowed to slip down off the shoulders in a more relaxed fashion and it will set off the shoulders and jewelry worn quite beautifully.

In fact, shawls are currently very fashionable and you will find them in many stores that sell formal dresses and gowns.  Some of these gowns now come with a shawl in a matching or coordinating color as a part of the dress itself.  This makes the dress even more versatile because you can then wear it during the summer months without the shawl!

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