It would be difficult to come across a woman that has no interest in fashion. After all, who does not know the obsession that many women have when it comes to shoes? Other than shoes, something else that plays a key role in accentuating a woman’s fashion persona is the handbag she carries. There is no doubt that ladies will often feel confident, attractive and trendy when they accessorize their overall look with handbags that complement their attire.

Of course the handbag plays a very important functional role since it is used to carry the things that the lady needs to have with them all the time. In other words, handbags are to women what wallets are to men. Therefore, you can hardly go wrong with a decision to select a handbag as a gift for a lady friend. The pertinent question would be making sure that you pick the correct handbag for them and that is tandem with their style and personality.

The phenomenal growth of the fashion industry has meant that even the variety of handbags available in the market has seen similar advancement in terms of the different sizes, colors, design and fabric used. The wide range of choice can easily throw even the most disciplined shopper into a spin. At its core, the ideal handbag is one that will bring out the best from the person carrying it. At times, one’s choice would depend on the profession and social life of the woman it is intended for.

Going for a handbag that is appropriate to the current season is also an important factor to consider. Remember that many ladies are fully aware of what is hot and what is not. Getting her a handbag that is in vogue is sure to elicit pleasant surprise from her. Fashion trends for handbags are often pegged to the weather. For instance during the summer and spring season, women prefer to carry light weight bags that are normally small in size and contain slim straps. The color of the handbags is white, yellow, bright green or a mix of other bright colors. It is meant to support a lively and cheerful mood all round.

During the winter and fall seasons, women prefer to carry bags with broad straps and a large surface area. The large bags in winter have the secondary role of shielding them from the extensive force of the wind and cold. The broad straps help to even out the weight of the bag as well as complement the winter outfit; jackets, shawls and sweaters. The handbags are usually dark in color, mostly black and brown. The more adventurous women however opt to have bright hued handbags as a means to brighten up the depressing weather.

The material used to make the handbags is also a key point of consideration. Modern handbags are made from leather, cotton, velvet, sisal and many other natural and synthetic materials. Sometimes the material is what determines the eventual color of the bag (e.g. leather bags will often be brown or black). Remember too that there are women who may suffer from leather allergy. Leather allergy is usually not from the leather itself but rather from the chromium used to treat the leather during tanning. In such instances, one can still consider the leather handbags as gifts as long as the bags are chromium free.

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