Choosing any item of clothing for a gift can often be difficult. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. Not the least of which is the receivers own sense of style, fashion and color preferences. While a scarf can be a wonderful and imaginative gift idea, choosing the right one can seem like an overwhelming task. This simple guide may make choosing the perfect gift simpler.

Age of the Recipient
The first thing you need to take into consideration is the age of the recipient. Younger people tend to be drawn towards brighter colors and wild designs. If you are choosing a scarf for someone under 30 then choosing something with a rainbow of bright colors in stripes or a geometrical design will not only be appreciated but will actually allow them to wear this accessory with countless items, especially jeans.

If you are choosing a gift for an older person, then choose from one of many beautiful scarves that come in a neutral color. Monochromatic designs in oatmeal, cream, white, black or even red will go with more outfits in an older individuals wardrobe and can be worn for casual, business or even dress.

Styles of Scarves
Scarves come in different shapes and styles. There are scarves that are long and thin, big squares that can double as shawls and everything that is in between. Here is where knowing an individual sense of style comes in handy. However, if you do know their sense of style you may want to purchase a long and thin scarf as it can be worn in a variety of different ways making it easy for the recipient to use this accessory to create their own style.

Another option would be instead of giving just one, give two or three scarves in different shapes and styles that will allow the receiver to experiment with different ways to wear these creations.

Choosing the right material is as important as choosing the right scarf. Most women will enjoy the look, feel and luxury of a cashmere or silk scarf. These materials will also go well with any kind of outfit lending more versatility to your gift. However, if your budget is limited there are many polyester blends and even cottons that are used in scarves that can give a very exclusive and fashionable look to any outfit.

Scarves for Men
If you are choosing from a selection of scarves for men, then your safest choice is to choose a simple lightweight cashmere one that can be worn with either a sweater or a suit. You can also match a silk one with a matching tie for more formal occasions if the man likes to look dignified when he dresses up.

Choosing the right scarf to give as a gift is relatively simple as long as you remember that simplicity is usually the key in choosing these accessories. Sticking to the basics of color and design and selecting materials that feel and look luxurious is the key to choosing the perfect gift.

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