Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere Scarf From Thailand

Cashmere scarf is one of the most preferred garments during the cold season due to the warmth that it provides. The good news is that these garments are now available in the market.

But one thing that you should know about cashmere garment is that their prices are quite high so be prepared to spend more money especially if the clothes are made of pure cashmere fabric.

What makes cashmere more expensive than other types of wools?

– The cost of production is high and they are scarce.

– The cashmere material is extracted from the soft undercoat of the goats that are specifically bred to produce this type of wool.

– The wool is scarce as it requires two goats in order to get enough wool for making a two-ply jumper.

– The fibres used for making the warm undercoat are usually separated from the coarser protective top which can only be done during the winter season.

The process is quite hard as it has to be done manually whereby one is supposed to comb and sort the hair with hands. The long process is what makes the process to be slow and take long since report shows that only 6500 cashmere wool is produced annually as opposed to 2 million of sheep wool.

Origin Of Cashmere

The name comes from Kashmir the original name of the place where the goats for breeding cashmere were first bred. During these times, the emperors used cashmere shawls both in the political and religious settings. When one received a cashmere shawl from a political leader, it signified a hierarchy from the giver and the receiver.

During these times, the shawls were only sold to the top and rich women in the society since its price was also high due to the softness and the quality of the fabric. Cashmere garments are rated to be about 8 times warmer as compared to other wool garments.

Not All Cashmere Materials Are Luxe

Some of the features that affect the manufacturing process and the price of the cashmere fabrics include the colour, texture of the fabric and also the length. The white cashmere requires less dying hence reducing the damage to the fabric which mainly occurs when dying other colours.

The other thing that determines the quality of cashmere garment is the region where the materials are got from. The winter collected cashmere is usually used for making the top quality garment since during this season, the goats are able to produce the fine wool.

But one thing for sure is that the manufacturing process plays a major role in the production. This is because the weaving and spinning of the fabric affect the end results.

What to look for when buying cashmere scarf.

The Weaving

A quality cashmere garment should be tightly and well woven to ensure that it does not come off easily. Also, check if the ply and the grade of the material are listed on the label.

The grade should be A. But, if all these are not in the garment, you can still test for its quality by pulling a bit from the pullover and see if it will lose its shape. If it changes in the shape, then avoid buying such materials.

The Texture

Although cashmere is usually soft, it is essential that you note the actual softness that the garment should have. Anything that is extra soft when touched should be avoided.

Note that such signs cannot show until you start to wear the clothes, but you can still test for its quality by slightly rubbing it with your hands. If you notice the fur coming off, then do not buy it.


Cashmere does not have to be used alone as it can be blended with other materials as well. For example, cashmere can be used together with wool, the silk, and cotton.

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